Meet Leniqua'dominique

Too often people from a certain zip code are heard loudly, while others are overlooked. I'm running because that isn't fair, and I want to be a voice for all.

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Leniqua’dominique earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science/Pre-law from the University of Houston. Her concentration was in international human rights, and she minored in African American Studies - both topics she has integrated into her daily life & business decisions. She has several years of policy work experience on Capitol Hill and international internship experience in Africa, India, and Spain. She has formally studied several languages such as Hindi, Shang, Spanish, Twi - she has ventured outside of the United States to build a school in Kenya, Nairobi. 
Professionally, Ms. Jenkins is a serial social entrepreneur. In 2010 she founded Capitol Living, a companion care agency that provides services to help people live independently, anywhere. In 2015, she co-launched “Accent Styles” a brand dedicated to delivering authentic African statement pieces such as home décor, jewelry, and art from Africa to anyone in the United States. With a percentage of proceeds from each purchase helping children in Africa attend school, the Accent Styles brand has built an English Center and awarded scholarships to help young scholars attend school, purchase uniforms, and pay school fees.
In 2015, Leniqua’dominique was elected as a Ward 7C04 ANC Commissioner in the District of Columbia. During her time in office, she organized community clean-ups, hosted job readiness training, worked to improve public safety, organized events to promote literacy, and created programs to meet the needs of working families. She also provided sworn testimony that impacted legislation reflecting the concerns of her 2,000 constituents, bringing them closer to the minds of D.C. government and Congressional leaders. 
In June 2020, she self-published a children’s book and coloring book titled “Mirror Mirror on the Wall.” This book celebrates diversity, promotes body positivity, and helps make hard conversations palatable for young readers. In addition, she has facilitated workshops and story times throughout her community using the text as a resource to develop self-esteem, confidence, and self-awareness particularly, for black and brown children. 
Throughout all her endeavors, she has practiced a positive ethos, a good work ethic, and fair treatment of all people - principles she has incorporated into every aspect of her life.
Currently, Ms. Jenkins is completing her Master’s in Business Administration at The University of the District of Columbia. In addition, she is a community activist, a board member of the Trustee team at Peace Fellowship Church, and an active member of the Deanwood Civic Association.